How to Choose a Playmats For Your Babies

You have perhaps already decided to ensure a risk-free play zone. While your baby is on the play mat, you have no tension. Available in various shapes and attractive designs, these mats are really lovable to almost all children. Every newborn baby needs to spend tummy time and floor time because it can make their body stronger.

The abdominal parts, neck bone and backbones- all may have a faster development with various activities of your baby. Moreover, if your baby continues playing on the floor, he can also visual enhancement. Thus, for all these incredible results, you may start browsing the right mat for your baby.

Choice of materials for your baby’s mat

Fabric Playmat
Fabric Playmat
Foam Playmat
Foam Playmat

As the material is a highly important factor for this mat, we like to inform you that there are two options- fabric and foam. Foam ones mostly have enough cushioning in order to keep the baby protected. No matter whether your baby is bumping his head or tipping over the mat, he or she will remain safe. These foam models are also portable enough to carry them to any place. But, the fabric of the play mats does not have a considerable thickness. However, they’re still soft so that you can fold them during your travel.

Playmats Size

The size of all the play mats is not same. The extra-large mats may cover all the areas of your room. But, some parents think that it may cause clutter in their room. But, while you have chosen an extremely small mat, the litter baby will not sit on that limited area constantly. If the baby moves to the other spot of the room, it increases his hazards. Thus, the most excellent idea is to prefer such a size, which is double your baby’s size. It never restricts the movement of the users.

Baby mat with different other elements

Most of the babies do not like to play at one particular place. They are always lively and like to move to a different spot of your room. Constant contact with the play mat may also lead to over stimulation of your baby. With little growth of your newborn babies, they may look for more interactive designs and toys. Many mats have integrated toys, which grow motor skill of the users. So, know the feature of any mat that you like to buy.

Consider the mat’s value from educational viewpoint

Many brands design their products in such a way that it can be educationally beneficial to an infant. For instance, the brighter color of your mat enables the baby to recognize various shades. The textured mats are also much useful to develop the tactile skills of the baby. Some mats have also integrated activity gyms, such as, arches, mirrors and different toys. The presence of music or lighting system is also another added feature of these mats. Thus, if you are concerned about the skill development and education of your baby, you may look for the extra accessories on a mat.

How easy it is to clean the baby mat every day

Hygiene is always significant for all babies, and so, every mom wants to ensure that their baby’s mat is free from dirt. You like to cleanse the mat on a regular basis. But, the way you will clean it depends mainly on your mat category. Most of the users find that the fabric ones are easy to clean. Another thing to be checked is that the mat will not get ripped off during your cleaning. The durable mat also remains intact, no matter whether your baby has chewed it with teeth. To prevent all the health risks, you should not allow your pets to sit on it.

Portability of the baby playmats

Many mats are thick enough as they have pads on the surface. However, you can also fold them easily, after your baby is no more using it. These mats have also straps so that you may close them safely. And in folded state, this mat may look like a small bag. While you want to have a trip with your baby, you can carry the mat without any hassle. Thus, you may buy lightweight mats that cause no problem to you.


We have given you these tips only to help you in your purchase. But, you have something more to do. Think of what your little babies like to have from their play mat? Is your chosen design and color preferable to your infant? These are simple questions that you may consider for buying the mat. As a mom, you know the desires of your cherished baby. Since your babies are not mature, they will not be able to express their needs. So, you can try your best to understand their mind. Now, we like to make one query to you- What are your expectations from a play mat? Have your baby already used one?

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